The Power of Spider Silk

Spider-Man has the right idea.

Spiders are extraordinary creatures that provide many benefits for the environment around us. These benefits can range from catching annoying insects that plague our homes to entertaining boyfriends by scaring their girlfriends. Despite having these bonuses, people do not tend to associate medicine and clothing as one of the wall-crawler’s many perks.

Though spider silk (the material found in their webbing) is nothing new to the scientific community, current research on the subject has shed light on new properties that can be used publicly rather than merely being research. The specific strain of spider silk that scientist have focused on is the silk that belongs to the golden orb spider, whose silk has high doses of vitamin K (fantastic for bone growth)  and is a natural disinfectant. Many health related organizations have begun utilizing these properties to aid in joint pain caused by osteoarthritis or other afflictions.

While the healing wonders of spider silk is being focused on the knee, according to Dr. Nick Skaer, the potential for the silk of golden orb spiders is unlimited. He suggests that not only could it aid in the healing of joint pain in the hip, shoulder, or ankle, but one day can even help repair nerve damage (For his interview from CNN, Click Here).

Medicine is not the only frontier that spider silk commands. Many health orientated clothing companies have started to manufacture athletic clothing with spider silk fiber weaved into the fabric. This new trend is definitely worth the investment for these companies because the organic component of the weaved-in spider silk provides a very durable comfort (the silk from golden orb spiders is VERY strong) and the antiseptic properties provide constant skin care. For example, if you wished to exercise with some sort of cut, the spider fabric acts as a band-aid supplying constant relief and constantly cleaning the cut.

The formation of spider silk products being introduced into the marketplace is definitely going to make an impact on the future and it would be wise to monitor the further benefits that can come from using this material. So, if you start  to feel sudden joint pain or are seeking a better workout outfit, just go look for that web in the back of your kitchen cabinet.


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  1. Irma says:

    A Julipedia update, and a cool one too. Love these. Ishbel goes like a pceukld chicken when she see’s spiders. Mind you doesn’t help that when we first moved into this house and I think it is the close proximity to the woodland (about 50 feet from our door) that we had tons of spiders and I informed her that at night when we are sleeping spiders sneak up your face and drink the moisture from the corner of your eyes! That was twenty years ago, I think I still have the bruise.Me I’m always photographing bugs, love them .xxxxxx

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