2014 NCAA Tournament Kicks Off

The 2014 NCAA tournament kicks off on Thursday with 16 games going on throughout the day. Technically games start tonight with the play-in round. While these games do not count towards the bracket, which many fans fill out, they can be exciting with some bigger named schools playing. However once Thursday rolls around, sports fan heaven sets in. With a chance to eat and bet all day, this is a time of year that every sports fan looks forward to. Here are a few different ways you can enjoy the action this year.

1. Stock up on food and televisions

If you are staying at home for the first weekend make sure you stock up on food. There are many different finger foods, and dip possibilities to keep you eating all day. Next you will need a way to watch all the games. With 4 different networks covering the games this year it is possible to watch all of them. If you think you have the super remote trigger finger then one TV may suffice. However, the experience is perfected by lining up as many TV’s as possible and playing each game on each TV.

2. Work

Stuck at work? No problem. In the past it used to be difficult having to sit through an entire day of work, not knowing what was going on, and sweating it out, wondering if your bracket had already been torn apart after just a few hours action. However, now you can watch them right from your office. With NCAA.com streaming the games, a TV is no longer necessary. Just watch out for those standing behind you!

3. Mobile

Ok so you made it past work but are forced out of the house for other matters. No worries, you are covered. With the NCAA March Madness mobile app, you can watch all the games on your Iphone. As well as getting updates, and stats from other games you arent watching.

Well there you have it, all the ways to catch this years tournament. Enjoy it because as many sports fans know, it really is the year’s one shining moment.




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