Judge Aborts North Dakota Abortion Law

The issue of abortion can be considered one of the most controversial topics in American culture. With the contrasting opinions of pro-life versus pro-choice, the tension within this argument has changed many state laws recently. While many states retain restrictions and tight regulations on abortions, the federal government has slowly begun to dismantle anti-abortion legislation. The most recent case involves a federal judge ruling North Dakota’s abortion law as unconstitutional. The law previously banned abortions after six weeks of pregnancy (due to the first signs of a fetal heartbeat), but now the federal government has overturned this law, providing leniency to those that favor the views of pro-choice. U.S. District Daniel L. Hovland came to this decision in his ruling:

“A woman’s constitutional right to terminate a pregnancy before viability has been recognized by the United States Supreme Court for more than 40 years. The United States Supreme Court has clearly determined the dispositive issue presented in this lawsuit. This court is not free to impose its own view of the law.”

Essentially, Hovland supports the notion that woman are constitutionally entitled to choose what they want to do with their pregnancies. Though this decision has received much acclaim from pro-life advocates, the governor of North Dakota refused to comment immediately on the Hovland’s ruling, possibly suggesting regret over this decision. The dismantling of one of the strictest abortion laws in the United States is a clear sign that further state regulations, in regards to abortion, will be challenged by the federal government in the future.

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