Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Letterman passing the torch to Colbert.

On April 10th, 2014, CBS gave a shocking announcement that Stephen Colbert will replace David Letterman as the host for Late Show. Letterman, who has been the iconic host of this late night talk show, created the show in 1992 as a means for CBS to compete with NBC’s Tonight Show. After a long successful career as a talk show host as a stand-up comedian, Letterman has finally thrown in the towel and plans to retire.  CBS’s revelation about Colbert taking the reins of the Late Show franchise was an unpredictable move to say the least. Stephen Colbert is certainly a funny man, if down right hilarious, but there are many pros and cons that go behind CBS’s decision to make him Letterman’s replacement.

Pros: Like I’ve said before, Stephen Colbert has a lot of talent that comes with comedy. His style of humor has not only earned him a spot on the Comedy Central roster but has also allowed him to publish bestselling comedic books. Along with his humor, he has been a talk show host since 2005 (The Colbert Report). The fact that he is a seasoned talk show host shows that he knows the ropes of running and writing for a talk show. It should also be noted that Colbert has an enormous fan base that would bring a massive amount of viewers to CBS.

Cons: Colbert is mainly known for playing a conservative caricature, not as him. Does anyone know if the audience will like or resent his true personality? It seems to be such a big gamble for CBS to implement a comedian who uses a character rather than a comedian who portrays his own self, such as Jon Stewart or Bill Maher. Also, Colbert has always been a big fish in a little pond. Will he be able to handle the immense demands that go along with prime time television?

Ultimately, The Buckingham Post supports CBS’s decision and wishes the best of luck to Stephen Colbert taking over Late Show.

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