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Hong Kong protesters stand their ground

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China has gone through many changes in modern times. Their cities are expanding rapidly, and they have one the fastest growing economies in the world. The Social climate of China is also undergoing drastic change. Its citizens want something else, democracy.

Chinese citizens have long felt the government has limited their freedoms. Several websites have been banned throughout China, such as Google. The more the country expands on a global scale, the more citizens want a true democracy.

The streets of Hong Kong have been flooded with protestors all calling for an end to Chief Executive C.Y. Lueng’s regime. China’s leader Lueng is losing his patience calling for the end of protests.

“The government and the police have the responsibilities and determination to take all necessary actions to restore social order,” Leung said in his televised address.

According to CNN, the wave of protestors were given a deadline to disperse, but remained in the streets. There were no riots, and government workers were allowed to pass.

The Hong Kong Federation of students met with Hong Kong chief executive secretary Carrie Lam on possibly diffusing the protests. This conflict might be worth monitoring, as it could negatively affect China’s economy.

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Republican Judges Order Defunding of Obamacare

Ted Cruz

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Near the end of 2013, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) led a final crusade to defund the Affordable Care Act. Cruz did succeed in spurring Republicans into shutting down the federal government, but his effort was ultimately doomed. The American people’s elected representatives voted not to defund Obamacare, and the shutdown ended.

On Tuesday, Two Republican judges just ruled that Obamacare subsidies are not legal in 36 states. They made the decision based on the text of the law itself, which was composed with an error in it.

The law’s text states that federal subsidies can be given in states that start their own exchanges, but not in states that use the federal exchange. 36 states rely on the federal exchange,, and people in those states can no longer claim subsidies.

The ruling comes as a surprise, since lower courts had practically sneered at the lawsuit, which has no basis other than a drafting error in the law.

If the decision stands, millions of people will see their insurance premiums rise immensely.

The White House is likely to appeal to the full DC Circuit, which consists of mostly-Democratic judges who are likely to reverse today’s decision.

Later Tuesday, the 4th Circuit, upheld the Obamacare subsidies, conflicting with the DC Circuit court ruling.


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