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The Most Sophisticated and Largest Warship Ever Built

Hong Kong protesters stand their ground

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China has gone through many changes in modern times. Their cities are expanding rapidly, and they have one the fastest growing economies in the world. The Social climate of China is also undergoing drastic change. Its citizens want something else, democracy.

Chinese citizens have long felt the government has limited their freedoms. Several websites have been banned throughout China, such as Google. The more the country expands on a global scale, the more citizens want a true democracy.

The streets of Hong Kong have been flooded with protestors all calling for an end to Chief Executive C.Y. Lueng’s regime. China’s leader Lueng is losing his patience calling for the end of protests.

“The government and the police have the responsibilities and determination to take all necessary actions to restore social order,” Leung said in his televised address.

According to CNN, the wave of protestors were given a deadline to disperse, but remained in the streets. There were no riots, and government workers were allowed to pass.

The Hong Kong Federation of students met with Hong Kong chief executive secretary Carrie Lam on possibly diffusing the protests. This conflict might be worth monitoring, as it could negatively affect China’s economy.

Does Cinco de Mayo Violate American Rights?


Alex Jones shares his perspective of the famous holiday that some believe “push” American rights to the side. Yay or nay?

Joe Biden Honors 2013 Boston Marathon Victims

Celebrate Lesser Known Holidays This April

Did March feel extra long and awful to anyone else this year? Maybe the weather, bringing most of the U.S. nothing but dreary cold, facilitated this misery. March, at least for me, has been nothing but hard luck and impatiently waiting for spring. So, I would like to take a minute and congratulate us all on making it through, and offer a happy and hopeful reminder that April is here! Three cheers for April, which marks the return of leaves and birds to the sad, dead-looking trees outside our windows. It’s the month to switch out the sweaters for skirts, the snow boots for sandals. It’s when we start planting gardens and stop resenting our dogs for requiring us to accompany them outside while they do their business. April—perhaps to make up for the drudgery of March—is also sprinkled with fun, easily celebrated holidays to help banish your winter blues. Here are some of the highlights:


April 2: International Children’s Book Day

Background: The International Board on Books for Youth (IBBY) designated April 2nd, the birthday of beloved Danish storyteller Hans Christian Anderson (1805), as International Children’s Book Day.

Ways to celebrate: Take time to revisit a favorite children’s book from your childhood. Go to your local book store or library if you don’t own a copy, and share this book with a child in your life. IBBY also organizes events and readings to celebrate International Children’s Book Day. To find events in your area, visit


April 2: National Walk to Work Day

Background: In 2004, U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy G. Thompson declared April 2nd National Walk to Work Day as a positive way to raise awareness and combat rising obesity rates and sedentary lifestyles.

Ways to celebrate: Just walk to work! Alternatively, take a walk during your lunch break, or with your family when you get home. You can reap all kinds of health benefits by walking 30 minutes a day, including weight loss and a lower risk of heart disease and diabetes,. You can also gain emotional and mental benefits by using a short walk as a form of stress relief. Use this day to jumpstart a healthy habit.


April 14th: International Moment of Laughter Day

Background: Humorologist and public speaker Izzy Gesell established the Moment of Laughter Day to encourage people to laugh. “Laughter comes right after breathing as just about the healthiest thing you can do,” Gesell explains on his website. “It relieves stress, instills optimism, raises self-confidence, defuses resistance to change, and enhances all your relationships.”

Ways to celebrate: Tell jokes, anecdotes, or do other funny things that cause people around you to laugh.


April 19th: National High Five Day

Background: This holiday was founded in 2002 by college students Conor Lastowka, Sam Miotke, and Wynn Walent at the University of Virginia. They celebrated by giving fellow students free lemonade and high fives as a way to boost campus morale.

Ways to celebrate: High five a family member, friend, coworker, or even a stranger. Explain that today is a national holiday and they should pay the high five forward. It’s a small, simple way to make someone smile.


April 24th: Take Your Daughter to Work Day

Background: This day was established in 1993 by the Ms. Foundation for Women, which sought to give girls more direct attention and an insight into possible career opportunities. In recent years, the holiday has been revised to Take your Daughter or Son to Work Day.

Ways to celebrate: Don’t have a child of your own? Offer to take a niece or nephew to work with you! Spending the day experiencing the professional world can shape and inspire a child in your life.


And finally, if this is not enough to fill you with joyful anticipation for this upcoming month, look no further than April 6th, the season 4 premiere of HBO’s Game of Thrones! Watch the trailer here.

Happy April!

Update on Obamacare: Is It Ready?

The Late John Paul II to Become a Saint

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On Friday, July 5, 2013, Pope Francis cleared two of the 20th Century’s most influential popes to become saints. To canonize, or officially declare a deceased individual as a saint, is almost an impossible feat and took the waiver of some Vatican rules in order to honor Pope John XXIII.

Pope Francis decided that John XXIII should be declared a saint even though the Vatican has not confirmed a second miracle that could be attributed to his intercession. The Vatican agreed and stated that Francis has the power to dispense with such requirements and proceed with the process.

The ceremony is expected to be held before the end of the year, although a rumored date of December 8 has been circulating. This date is most associated with the feast of the Immaculate Conception, also known as a major feast day for the church.


Tip Reopens Police Search for the Remains of Teamsters Boss

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On Monday, June 17,  investigators, a tipster and several onlookers were all optimistic as the FBI led a search for Jimmy Hoffa’s body in a field lined with yellow caution tape and TV news vans in the rural Oakland Township, Michigan. But their enthusiasm was “tempered, given that it is the latest in a series of digs since the Teamsters boss went missing, setting off one of the 20th century’s most vexing mysteries”. Back in January, Tony Zerilli, 85, the son of reputed former Detroit mob boss Joseph Zerilli, told broadcast media that Hoffa, 62, was buried there. Zerilli also claims Hoffa was struck with a shovel and then buried alive on the property, with a slab of concrete placed over the body.

Hoffa was kidnapped on the afternoon of July 30, 1975, from the parking lot of the formerly known Machus Red Fox restaurant in Bloomfield Township, Michigan. Zerilli was in jail when Hoffa disappeared but described himself as a good friend of Hoffa’s. He said he learned about the disappearance from the “inner circle” of the Detroit mafia. Sources at the scene in question said investigators were searching a concentrated area there. They also witnessed tents were set up in the middle of the property, at least 500 feet off the dirt road.

The FBI theorized Hoffa disappeared after going to the restaurant for a reconciliation meeting with Anthony (Tony Pro) Provenzano, a mob-connected New Jersey Teamster official, and Anthony (Tony Jack) Giacalone, a Detroit Mafia captain. The FBI thought Provenzano and Giacalone had Hoffa killed to prevent him from regaining the Teamsters presidency, ending the mob’s influence over the union and its easy access to Teamster pension funds.

Read more at  USA TODAY


No human remains were found during three days of excavation on the one-acre parcel.

Allosaurus Ate like Modern-Day Birds

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Experts are now saying that Allosaurus likely devoured its prey in a manner not dissimilar from that of modern-day falcons.

The iconic Tyrannosaurus rex is believed to have handled its prey like an alligator, by jerking it from side-to-side in its powerful jaws. Computer-generated simulations are now indicating that T. rex’s Jurassic cousin, Allosaurus preferred to strip flesh from bone with bird-like tugging motions.

Headed by Ohio University paleontologist Eric Snively, a team of experts in biomechanics, computer visualization, and dinosaur anatomy were able to generate models that provided them with insight into the eating mechanics of this prehistoric beast. Allosaurus’ muscle placement and bone structure echoed characteristics of modern predatory birds that are essential to how they kill and eat. 

The Ohio University team plans to apply their method to additional dinosaurs in order to learn more about their feeding habits.

Only European King Buried in US is Returned to Europe

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The only King buried in the United States has been returned to Europe.

The remains of King Peter II of Yugoslavia has been removed from the Chicago suburb where they’ve been resting for the last 40 years.

The remains arrived in Belgrade, Serbia on Jan. 22, much to the delight of Crown Prince Alexander, who has wanted to bring his father home for years.

Peter II took the throne in 1934, when he was 11, after his father’s assassination.  He tried to hold back the Nazis during his reign, but was forced to flee the country after his government surrendered.  He died at 47 in Denver, and was unable to be buried in his then-communist country.  Peter II selected a Serbian Orthodox monastery in Libertyville for his tomb, where he stayed until now.

A formal state funeral will be held in Belgrade in May.

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