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Vick’s Doggone Summer

Apparently Vick cannot get a break from his ties with animal cruelty. On the website, anti-Vick fans are calling for a petition to prevent the controversial player from setting foot on SUNY Cortland’s campus for the Jet’s summer training camp. As a reminder, Michael Vick served a 19-month prison sentence for his role in dogfighting back in 2007. For his cruelty towards animals, both residents of Cortland and other people have organized a petition that already has about 1,500 signatures. Those that signed the petition feel that if Michael Vick is part of the Jets summer training camp, they would be “complicit with his crimes”. The Jets have yet to comment on this petition.

Personally, I feel that Michael Vick should be ashamed of his dog fighting past. But just because I feel what Michael Vick did in 2007 was horrendously wrong does not mean that he should be banned from training, based solely on those grounds. The dog fighting does not reflect on the sport of football or possess any sort of connection with the sport. If Michael Vick did anything wrong under football standards, then I would imagine that the NFL would take care of the situation. But the fact is that Michael Vick did penance for his illegal action and should only face public scrutiny rather than literal actions. People have the right to express themselves, but this petition to ban Michael Vick for an action not related to football seems a bit too extreme.

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Longtime Bills Owner Dies

Ralph Wilson, the owner of the Buffalo Bills for 54 years died yesterday at the age of 95. Wilson had been the longest tenured owner in the sport and was the last remaining owner of an original AFL team. Wilson was instrumental in creating the AFL-NFL merger that established the NFL we see today. In 2009 Wilson was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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2014 NCAA Tournament Kicks Off

The 2014 NCAA tournament kicks off on Thursday with 16 games going on throughout the day. Technically games start tonight with the play-in round. While these games do not count towards the bracket, which many fans fill out, they can be exciting with some bigger named schools playing. However once Thursday rolls around, sports fan heaven sets in. With a chance to eat and bet all day, this is a time of year that every sports fan looks forward to. Here are a few different ways you can enjoy the action this year.

1. Stock up on food and televisions

If you are staying at home for the first weekend make sure you stock up on food. There are many different finger foods, and dip possibilities to keep you eating all day. Next you will need a way to watch all the games. With 4 different networks covering the games this year it is possible to watch all of them. If you think you have the super remote trigger finger then one TV may suffice. However, the experience is perfected by lining up as many TV’s as possible and playing each game on each TV.

2. Work

Stuck at work? No problem. In the past it used to be difficult having to sit through an entire day of work, not knowing what was going on, and sweating it out, wondering if your bracket had already been torn apart after just a few hours action. However, now you can watch them right from your office. With streaming the games, a TV is no longer necessary. Just watch out for those standing behind you!

3. Mobile

Ok so you made it past work but are forced out of the house for other matters. No worries, you are covered. With the NCAA March Madness mobile app, you can watch all the games on your Iphone. As well as getting updates, and stats from other games you arent watching.

Well there you have it, all the ways to catch this years tournament. Enjoy it because as many sports fans know, it really is the year’s one shining moment.




Shocked:Wichita State caps perfection

On Saturday Wichita State became the first men’s basketball team in 10 years to finish the regular season unbeaten. With their 68-45 win over Missouri State, the Shockers finished the regular season at 31-0. No matter what happens in their conference tournament the Shockers are almost assured a number one seed in the NCAA tournament.

Now the pressure will be squarely on the backs of the Shockers, who for the most part of the season, have flown under the radar. With a chance to become one of the smallest schools to ever win the NCAA tournament, many questions will be asked. Do they have the ability to hold up against tougher competition? Will they be able to play well down the stretch in a close game? Wichita State will have to overcome the media’s talk about them not being able go all the way. Last year they lost in the Final Four to Louisville. Recent history is also against the Shockers, as several small schools have come close to winning the tournament, but havent been able to finish the deal. Here’s a look at three teams who couldnt quite  get the job done.

3. Virginia Commonwealth 2011

2. George Mason 2006

1. Butler 2010

Basketball Star Breaks His Shoe During Game!

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