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Thanksgiving Food Power Rankings

Every year you see the same food items on people’s plates. You ever ask yourself how they stack up, against each other? Here’s my take.

  1. Stuffing/Dressing- One of the few days it’s prepared.No matter how you flavor it, it’s the staple to your Thanksgiving plate. It’s the side dish, that gives the turkey life. You’re basically eating smushed bread pieces, doesn’t matter, it’s delicious. It’s also convenient, that those who don’t eat meat can enjoy it as well.
  2. Turkey- While it’s not number one it’s symbolic of the holiday we celebrate every year. Whether it’s roasted or fried, you need this bird on your table.
  3. Pumpkin/Sweet Potato/ Pecan Pie- No matter what flavor you prefer, the closer of your feast has to be pie. The aroma of pie itself, makes the holiday better.
  4. Baked Macaroni and Cheese-I’m not talking your instant Kraft mac and cheese. With multiple cheeses and a crust, mac and cheese could easily be atop this list.
  5. Mashed Potatoes-While it’s eaten regularly, you can’t knock the consistency that quality mashed potatoes bring to the table.
  6. Cranberry Sauce-Not a fan, but I’ll respect its place in ThanksGiving history. People typically just buy it canned, but homemade sauce isn’t half bad.
  7. Candy Yams/ Sweet Potatoes-Quite possibly, the most underrated side dish. Whether it’s with marshmallows, or by itself it adds a nice sweetness to your plate.
  8. Lasagna/ Baked Ziti-Love pasta just not during thanksgiving, nevertheless it belongs in the top ten.
  9. Rolls- The sponge to whatever is left on your plate.
  10. Gravy-More of a condiment than a food item, but still essential to the table. No one likes dry Turkey.

*Best of the Rest: Corn, Rice and Beans, Cornbread, Green bean casserole, Ham.

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Devon Still and The Bengals Goodwill

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In light of all the controversy surrounding the NFL in recent weeks, Devon Still’s story has been a bright spot. Bengals defensive end Devon Still’s 4-year-old daughter, Leah, was diagnosed with cancer. Still was uninsured at the time, and on the verge of being cut.

Realizing Still’s situation the Bengals decided to place him on the practice squad so they could pay for his daughter’s bills. Hearing about Still’s daughter on the radio, Saints coach Sean Payton immediately purchased 100 Still jerseys. The proceeds from Still’s jerseys go to children staying at the same hospital as Leah. As a result the Bengals team store has sold nearly 10,000 jerseys.

The Still’s received even more good news after the entire tumor was removed from Leah, when doctors previously had concerns about its removal.

Photo Credit: Devon Still’s Instagram

The Bengal’s, and fans that showed support, should be applauded for their humility. The NFL, has been dealing with public relations issues, but this is a reminder that some things are bigger than football.

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Former Athlete Creates Sensor, Prevents Brain Injuries

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A former collegiate athlete has created a new form of preventative healthcare.

According to Fox News, founder and CEO of Jolt Sensor, Benjamin Harvatine has created the small sensor to assist in the prevention of concussions and other forms of brain injuries.

Harvatine wrestled for Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he sustained a number of concussions.

Harvatine explained that although he was hit in the head, he continued to practice even though he was experience dizziness, resulting in a longer recovery. The sensor, aims at detecting these injuries sooner, and preventing these long recoveries.

The clip-on sensor can be attached to a helmet, glasses, headband or other protective headgear. The goal is for the small device to track head impacts both based on level of impact as well as repetition.  When a potentially damaging situation occurs, the sensor will vibrate on the athlete’s head while also sending a notification to the cell phone of a parent or coach.

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