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Hong Kong protesters stand their ground

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China has gone through many changes in modern times. Their cities are expanding rapidly, and they have one the fastest growing economies in the world. The Social climate of China is also undergoing drastic change. Its citizens want something else, democracy.

Chinese citizens have long felt the government has limited their freedoms. Several websites have been banned throughout China, such as Google. The more the country expands on a global scale, the more citizens want a true democracy.

The streets of Hong Kong have been flooded with protestors all calling for an end to Chief Executive C.Y. Lueng’s regime. China’s leader Lueng is losing his patience calling for the end of protests.

“The government and the police have the responsibilities and determination to take all necessary actions to restore social order,” Leung said in his televised address.

According to CNN, the wave of protestors were given a deadline to disperse, but remained in the streets. There were no riots, and government workers were allowed to pass.

The Hong Kong Federation of students met with Hong Kong chief executive secretary Carrie Lam on possibly diffusing the protests. This conflict might be worth monitoring, as it could negatively affect China’s economy.

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Chris Goodfellow has over twenty years experience as a pilot. After hearing about the missing planes in Malaysia he came up with a very simple theory: Fire.

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Royal Caribbean: Possible norovirus?

Royal Caribbean has always been a well-known and trusted cruise line. They are best known for the massive size of their ships and activities onboard. Some of which include rock walls, mini golf, and water parks.

After a unfortunate outbreak that made news headlines, Royal Caribbean’s reputation and credibility changed overnight. Royal Caribbean ship Explorer of The Seas had to dock two days early because of a sick outbreak.Out of the 3071 passengers on the ship, over 630 of those passengers fell ill.

According to The Center For Disease Control and Prevention, this is the “highest number of sick people reported on any cruise ship in 2 decades”. Many believe there was over 1000 sick but did not report it.  CDC claims there was “no official causes for the illnesses, but norovirus possible.” Norovirus can be easily spread, and has similar symptoms, including gastrointestinal issues.

Royal Caribbean is going to give a 50% refund to all passengers and 50% credit for all future cruises. Those quarantined in their rooms will receive additional credit.  But will that be enough?

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