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Health Checkup: Obesity Linked to Autism

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Recent Autism Studies:

Obesity weighs heavy on everyone, literally. In a recent study done by the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta Georgia it has been found that obesity may be connected to Autism. In the study, women who were obese during pregnancy were 60% more likely to have a child born with Autism. Autism has recently received a boost in research money. While other trends have been found, scientists are trying to pinpoint controllable factors within the disease.

More Medical Advancement:

Alzheimer’s disease has become more detectable thanks to a new image testing radioactive dye. Earlier this April the U.S food and drug administration approved the dye called, Amyvid. The dye identifies brain plaque, which is a cause of Alzheimer’s. By detecting this signs of Alzheimer’s more work can be done in attempts to prevent the disease.

Dementia Strikes Ironic Young Victim

Doreen Watson-Beard, 49, was a nurse at an assisted living facility who took care of her husband who had liver cancer. Watson-Beard had led Alzheimer’s support groups. When she began to forget to pick up her grandchildren, plans with her husband and gave the wrong dosage to a patient, she began to worry.

After her husband died, three years ago, she put off the symptoms as stress and grief. Watson-Beard was diagnosed at 44 with dementia. Forgetfulness was one of her first symptoms.

Dr. Marc Agronin, a geriatric psychiatrist at Miami Jewish Health Systems and author of “How We Age” states that the diagnosis for dementia is quite complicated, especially at Doreen’s age.

Beth Kallmyer, a social worker at the Alzheimer’s Association, said many people don’t realize that the younger ones diagnosed with dementia can experience incredulous reactions to the diagnosis.

“It can be financially devastating,” she said.

This was painfully devastating on Doreen, who left her job last year. Her home is in foreclosure and she does not have medical insurance. She pays out of pocket for her doctor visits. Namenda, a treatment for the symptoms of dementia, is free from the Drug Company.

Watson-Beard wonders what her journey with dementia will be like. Aging will not be the same for her.


According to the Alzheimer’s Association, there are  200,000 Americans under 65 of the 5.4 million who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Most of these people are baby boomers, the 78 million Americans born between 1946 and 1964.


A Scary New Realty for Alzheimer’s Disease

Brain May Shrink in Decade Before Alzheimer\’s Symptoms Appear

An alarming new study has  discovered yet another devastating blow Alzheimer’s Disease can have on it’s victims. The study found that the brain’s of patients being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease began shrinking a decade before any symptoms appeared. Both Massachusetts General and Rush University Medical Center in Chicago were involved in the research study.

The study not only allowed researchers to differentiate between who would decline in health and who would remain healthy but went as far as being able to tell how quickly patients would develop the disease.

While the developments of the disease are scary, they are in many ways beneficial. Alzheimer’s is one of many diseases we have not yet been able to find a cure for. Any research breakthroughs are considered beneficial and there is a hope that soon a medicine can be offered to slow down the progression of the disease. Until then, the more research being conducted and the more participants that come forward are the only way true, beneficial progress can be made.

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