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Cain Chooses to Endorse Gingrich

Photo Credit: www.politico.com

Former presidential candidate Herman Cain has formerly endorsed Newt Gingrich for the Republican presidential nomination.

Cain endorsed Gingrich on the night of Jan. 28 at a West Palm Beach County Republican gathering.  This comes two months after Cain pondered over which candidate he would endorse and  just three days before the Florida primary, so far the largest state to vote in the GOP primaries.

The Gingrich campaign can definitely use the endorsement, although a little over a week ago the former House speaker had a double-digit victory over front-runner Mitt Romney in South Carolina.  Gingrich is currently seeing a falter in popularity in Florida after rounds of rough debates and never ending attacks from Romney.


Herman Cain Suspends His Campaign Yet Remains Poignant

Cain’s Marital Bliss May be Smoke and Mirrors

Photo Credit: telegraph.co.uk

Announcing Saturday that he was officially suspending his campaign for presidency of the United States, Cain was accused of sexual harassment and marriage infidelity.

He headed back to Georgia, Friday to face his wife, Gloria, for the first time since the alleged Ginger White affair accusations. Reports among various news mediums stated a rocky marriage between the two long before Cain stepped into the public eye.

A family friend told the Daily Beast, “Mostly he was always gone and his wife seemed to be OK with it. Not being together seemed the norm for their marriage, and Gloria didn’t seem to mind. His kids didn’t seem to mind either.”

Cain’s attraction to other women had always caused a strain in the 43 year marriage, sources stated.

Allegations suggest Cain gave White money and gifts. He denies ever having sexual relations with her.

White recently apologized to Gloria having sex with her husband.

Does Herman Cain Still Have a Chance in the Presidential Race?

It seems Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain is still confident he will succeed in the competition to become “the chief.” Others do not agree with his perspective and prefer he drop out of the race altogether. What do you think? The sexual harassment allegations certainly have people questioning his character and doubting his ability to thrive in the 2012 election campaign.

Cain to Develop Clear Foreign Policy

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Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain has vowed to gain a better understanding on national security and foreign policy after a mistake on Nov. 14 concerning Libya.

On his first trip to Iowa since sexual harassment allegations surfaced, Cain told more that 200 people at an Iowa restaurant the the U.S. needed to leave no doubt about its allies and enemies.

Cain said this a day after he hesitated during an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial board.  He first stated that he disagreed with President Obama’s decision to back Libyan rebels, but then added that he would’ve done the same.

A Cain aide blamed the mistake on a lack of sleep, but Cain told reporters that the reversal was a result of his contemplative process.

This is just the latest in a series of bumps the businessman has faced in the recent weeks.  Aside from sexual harassment allegations, Cain has been questioned on his weak abortion rights stance.

Cain currently has a narrow lead in Iowa.

Bachmann and Cain would Support Waterboarding

At the CBS News/National Journal presidential debate at Wofford College in South Carolina Saturday night, republican presidential candidates Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann declared they would support the renewed use of waterboarding as an “enhanced interrogation technique.”

Cain mentioned he was against torture and that he did not consider waterboarding a form of it. He said it is up to the, “judgement of our military leaders to determine what is torture and what is not torture.”

Candidates Ron Paul and Huntsman disagreed. Ron Paul stated that waterboarding was both illegal in the United States and internationally. Huntsman declared it was against our values. Both found the form of interrogation immoral.

Bachmann called the practice, “very effective” and would be willing to bring back the practice.
“It gained information for our country,” she said.

The discussion was prompted from a question Stephen Schafroth emailed in from Oregon, “I served on an aircraft carrier during the Vietnam War. I believe that torture is always wrong in all cases. What is your stance on torture?”

When President Obama took office, he banned waterboarding as an “interrogation enhancing technique.”

Read about the CBS Republican Debate stance on torture.

Gingrich Rises in Popularity, but Cain Still at Top

Photo Credit: www. 2012.talkingpointsmemo.com

In a new GOP presidential poll, Newt Gingrich has tied with Mitt Romney for second place, while Herman Cain is at first.

Despite Cain leading with 18 percent, both him and Romney, who’s at 15 percent, have lost support since October.

Cain has lost support mostly among women, due to sexual harassment allegations.  He’s also losing Tea Party supporters as well.  But, although Cain is losing support, most Republicans said that the sexual harassment allegations against him won’t affect their decision to vote for him.

The race could still change though, as seven out of 10 Republican primary votes believe it is still too early to choose a candidate to support.

Cain Accuser Claims Candidate Put Hand up Skirt

Photo Credit: www.content.usatoday.com

Sharon Bialek alleged that Herman Cain put his hand up her skirt in 1997.

Bialek, who is a Chicago-area mother, is urging the GOP presidential candidate to admit to all his harassment allegations.

Bialek said the incident happened in July 1997 when she went to see Cain for help on finding a job.  He allegedly put his hand on her leg and then under her skirt.  He also pushed her head toward his crotch.

Her story is being denied by the Cain campaign.

Huckabee Believes A GOP Campaign Leaked Cain Harassment Story

Photo Credit: www.urbanchristiannews.com

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee believes that a GOP campaign released the sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain.

Huckabee revealed his standpoint on Laura Ingraham’s radio show on Monday, Oct. 31.  He also spoke about hoe he questions the legitimacy of the Politico, which spilled the story, and how the same tactics were used against him in his 2008 presidential campaign.  Huckabee, at the time, accused other campaigns of hiring investigators to go through his trash.

The Cain campaign is now accusing Politico of making up thinly sourced allegations and claimed it as a personal attack.

Cain Denies Past Sexual Harassment Case

Photo Credit: www.lifenews.com

Herman Cain is currently facing allegations of sexual harassment.

Cain’s campaign is denying that the GOP presidential hopeful was involved in a sexual harassment case.  They are claiming the source of the case is anonymous and that there is no concrete evidence to prove it.

A Politico report was put up stating that Cain was accused of sexually harassing two women while he was the head of the National Restaurant Association from 1996 to 1999.  It also states that the two women were paid off by Cain.

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